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Are you writing a guideline on a Bedrijfseconomie, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, Supply Chain Management or Strategic Management related course book and do you want to make some money besides your study? Asset | Strategy & Logistics is willing to buy your guideline! We pay you up to €75,- per guideline (depends on which guideline it is) if it meets the following criteria:

- Due to copyright it can only contain content from the book
- It has to be up-to-date
- It has to be complete and contain all the important material stated in the book

We are searching for people who want to write the following guidelines:


We do not have the guidelines for all the courses of Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation (EBI) yet, since this study has just started in the academic year 2020/2021. We are still looking for students who are willing to write a guideline. So, if you are interested in writing a guideline for a particular course, please contact us via [email protected] In short, you will receive a substantial financial benefit (up to €75!) and you will learn for your exam at the same time. A win-win for you!

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