During the academic year, you will have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Extracurricular Achievements. The certificate will be signed by the Academic Director, Marjan Groen, and the chairman of Asset | Strategy & Logistics. The Certificate of Extracurricular Achievements is an excellent way to acquire accreditation for your extracurricular efforts. In order to receive the certificate, you are required to obtain a minimum amount of 15 points.

Points to be awarded

Activity / Amount of points / Explanation

- Participation Consultancy Days / 2 per company, 5 if >2 companies
- Participation Entrepreneurship Event / 1 + 1 / 1 point for attending the presentation, 1 point for participating in the cases
- Participation in Strategy Dinner / 2
- Participation in Career Perspectives / 1
- Participation Business Café / 1
- Asset | Strategy & Logistics Inhouseday / 2
- Participation Economic Business weeks Tilburg (EBT) / 1 + 1 + 2 / 1 point for any activity of the EBT with a maximum of     2, +2 points if student participates in an event based on CV-selection.
- Participation in trainings  of Asset | Strategy & Logistics or Career Services / 1 per training / Applicable for trainings given by both the University and Asset. Trainings that     qualify for points will be announced on Blackboard.
- Participation in SCRUM/Agile training / 2 / 2 points for participating and finishing the training program
- Career preparation workshops and interactive sessions by Tilburg University Career Services / 1 per session
- Visit kick-off session / 1 / 1 point if student signed up for the non-mandatory part.
- Seat in the sounding board / 2
- Seat in the education committee / 4 / 2 for the education committee, 2 extra points as a seat in the education committee     automatically entails the student has a seat in the sounding board.
- Student Assistant Management faculty TiSEM / 1
- Student Ambassador / 1
- Active membership at study association Asset / 4 / Entails a commitment for an entire year (workload differs).


The deadline for registration for the Certificate of Extracurricular Achievements is March 15. In order to apply for the program, please send an email containing your name and email address to study association Asset | Strategy & Logistics (

Students that are accepted into the program will receive an e-mail on March 15 with more information about the structure and upcoming opportunities to earn points. The progress of the certificate of excellence will only be updated for these students. It is not allowed to join program at a later stage of the master program.

Students can obtain the Certificate of Extracurricular Achievements by earning 15 points or more* within a year of starting the program.

*In order to obtain the certificate, students should participate in at least 2 of the following 4 activities: Consultancy Days, Entrepreneurship Event, Strategy Dinner and EBT.

Disclaimer: some events will be for Dutch students only, please keep this in mind if you are an international student. However, there are enough possibilities to obtain the certificate if you don’t speak Dutch.

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