During the academic year, you will have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Extracurricular
. The certificate will be signed by your Academic Director, and the
chairman of the Asset department your study belongs to. This certificate is an excellent way to
acquire accreditation for your extracurricular efforts. In order to receive the certificate, you are
required to obtain a minimum amount of 15 points.

To make sure you actually participated in the events you signed up for and want to get points for, we
changed the rules of the game a little bit. If you want to obtain the points assigned to the event you
signed up for, you should make sure that you either upload a reflection of the event you participated
in with proof of attendance (photo of yourself at the event) or upload a (revised) CV with proof of
attendance (photo). To make sure you upload the right documents, it might be useful for you to
check the Modules page on Canvas. There you can click on the respective event, read what you
should upload to receive the points and upload the respective document by clicking on “Start


Points to be awarded

The exact amount of points that can be earned for each of the activities can be found via the Career Development Canvas page. An overview of all career activities and the link to the canvas page can be found via this link.



Students that want to participate in the program should register by sending an email including their full name and study program to [email protected]

All students that apply for the certificate will receive an email with more information about the structure. Students cannot join the program at a later stage of the master program. 

A minimum of 15 points is required to obtain the Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence. All points have to be earned within one year of starting the program.

Disclaimer: Some events will be for Dutch students only, please keep this in mind if you are an international student. However, there are enough possibilities to obtain the certificate if you don’t speak Dutch.



Send an email to the [email protected] when it considers Asset events. If the events are not organized by Asset, you can send an email to [email protected]. Make sure to mention your study program and student number/u-number in the mail you send.

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