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Strategy Dinner

Strategy Dinner

Disclaimer: Registration close on February 20, 2024!

Do you want to have the opportunity to meet Cegeka,  KPMG and more during dinner? Read Ahead!

On Tuesday, February 27 2024, Asset Strategy & Logistics will host the fifth edition of the Strategy Dinner!

It will consist of a three course dinner hosted at de Harmonie in Tilburg. The event is based on CV selection. During each course, you will dine with different representatives of the participating companies. Afterwards during the closing drink, you will get the opportunity to talk further with the participating companies you might be interested in. The strategy dinner is your opportunity to meet your future employer in an informal manner and to get a more detailed image of how companies operate than in a regular interview!

Make sure to upload your most recent CV!

Participating companies are Cegeka, AB InBev, Lux consulting and KPMG.

Disclaimer: There are only 25 spots available at this event. The company will make their selection based on the CV's. That means by subscribing to this event, you will not automatically be chosen.

Location: Harmonie, Stationsstraat 26, 5038 ED Tilburg
Date: February 27, 2024
Time: 17.30h - 22.00h
Fee: €3,00 for Asset members, €5,00 for non-Asset members