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Asset | Strategy & Logistics has its own blog. ChannelsOnline is a blog about strategy and logistics. We want to give you insights about strategy and logistics within companies, provide you with interesting topics written from different perspectives, give our opinion about the latest news, outline interviews with student entrepreneurs, and much more!

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Skills for 2020

Date: January 14
Author: Girish Sharma

Comprehensive details about new demands of skills which can get you hired in 2020.

It’s 2020 and the new decade demands new skills. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, quantum computing — these are no longer the fantasies of sci-fi authors or Hollywood directors. This is the reality of our future, and the future is almost here! In order, to cater to these growing technological advancements and changing business dynamics, requires that prospective candidates cater to skill demand of the market.

Even after graduating from top institutes, students are failing to meet the expectations of the corporate market. This may be because, by scoring good grades in academics, students are able to get degrees, but they fail to learn real-life skills required by employers.

However, this does not mean that doors to learn are closed for students. There are many platforms available online and many resources available in the market which can help to learn these skills and get them ready for the job market. Here, follows the top 5 soft and 5 hard skills you should learn to increase your employability in 2020 along with guidelines to learn them

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Book list #5 – Must-reads for strategists

Date: January 7
Author: Anya Ermolaeva

Traditionally, January is the time to start implementing our New Year resolutions. Some of us for sure made an inspiring commitment like going to the gym more often, traveling once in two months or reading books that had been sitting on a shelf for a long time. The last one is a well-known habit of all successful consultants and CEOs who manage to read at least one book in a week or even 500 pages a day as investment genius Warren Buffett does. Indeed, a broad erudition and excellent innate understanding of trends and technologies in a variety of industries are essential parts of professional accomplishments in strategy consulting. Here you can find several books that are useful for the starters and recommended by the best consulting companies and leading experts in that industry as a must-have for reading.

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Investment Watch #2

Date: December 17
Author: Gijs Herber

In investor watch I discuss how to make Money for starters. The concept is to continuously explore your options in the capital market. I will attempt to explain the mechanisms of the capital market. Moreover, I will also do an empirical risk benefit analysis of each of the discussed topics. Let’s start with some good news for those who have invested in Ukrainian Government Bonds, You are likely to be profitable, since the Ukrainian Government and the IMF have agreed on a three year support programming, resulting in a profitable investment!

For this week’s topic, we will discuss which stock I recommend investing. Now, I have to disclose that the stock market as of late is very volatile, meaning that there are lots of spikes in the values of your stocks, both positively and negatively related to the value. Part of this has to do with the ongoing trade wars between the US, Europe and China. This uncertainty naturally negatively affects the stock market. Yet, there are plenty of investment opportunities that mitigate set risk and continue to be profitable.

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