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All about the Board of 2019-2020

Editor: David Kikvidze
Date: March 24

Welcome to another article on the Channels Online page. This week we want to focus on the people governing our beloved study association – Asset | Strategy & Logistics. We would like to introduce the board members to you and explain a bit about what it means to be in the board. We hope you enjoy

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From left to right: Boris, Elle, Wessel, Britt, Matisse

Dutch incubated startups to keep an eye on

Editor: Jeroen Govaarts
Date: March 10

The Dutch are well known for their innovative capabilities. In fact, the Netherlands was ranked the 4th most innovative country in the world and 2nd when measuring innovative output according to the Global Innovation Index1. That says a lot about a country that is ranked 65th by population worldwide.

One way that innovation truly expresses itself is through startups. Startups usually emerge and grow in so called ‘incubators’ or ‘innovation hubs’. Dutch startups are no exception to this phenomenon, where innovation hubs in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Delft are responsible for a large number of successful startups (e.g., Picnic, Adyen, or The Ocean Cleanup).

Startups tend to be the result of large societal issues that need innovative solutions. Or, sometimes, they just make your life a whole lot easier. Whatever the reason, the journeys these young firms undertake are fascinating to read about, especially when their ideas are aligned with some of your own core values. For that reason, we made a shortlist of interesting Dutch incubated startups that are on their way to make a societal and environmental impact in the years to come.

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Business Transformation: Meaning behind the jargon?

Editor: Girish Sharma
Date: March 3

Business jargons are routine for professionals. In the last few days, I have heard and read a term Business Transformation multiple times at coffee corners, strategy management lectures, LinkedIn, TEDx talks…… For some, the term business transformation is synonymous with change management, ie a strategy that aligns people, processes and technology with the business strategy. But I think it is much more than that.

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