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Asset | Strategy & Logistics has its own blog. ChannelsOnline is a blog about strategy and logistics. We want to give you insights about strategy and logistics within companies, provide you with interesting topics written from different perspectives, give our opinion about the latest news, outline interviews with student entrepreneurs, and much more!

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Netflix Watchlist #5

Date: June 18
Author: Robert Worm

The holidays are coming up, that and the exams. To help you through the misery of having too much time or de-stressing you after long hours of study, we present the fifth Netflix watchlist. Full of Netflix series.

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Premaster at Tilburg University, what to expect

Date: June 5
Author: Joeri van der Kraan

Ever considered doing a premaster? Or have you already subscribed for coming semester? I can tell you from my own experience that the premaster program is quite different from your previous study at a Dutch University of Applied Sciences. In this article I will try to give you some general ideas about what a premaster encompasses and how I experienced this period.

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Industry-changing Innovations

Date: May 28
Author: Iris Stougie

Innovation, especially related to technological developments, is becoming more and more a spearhead practice within companies. This results in new innovations and technologies being launched every day: they either are a full success or a dramatic failure. Today I will shed light upon some exciting innovations launched recently.

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