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How to save money: An insider’s guide to Dutch Public Transport

Date: October 15
Author: Gijs Herber

Let’s face it, Dutch transport is not the cheapest in the world. In fact, it is the most expensive in Europe. Now, for most Dutch national students this is not a problem, since all have access free public transport either in the weekends or during the week with student OV chipcard. However, for foreign students public transport can be a pain to afford. For example: a one way ticket from Tilburg Universiteit to Amsterdam Centraal costs 19.30 euro. Unknown to many, there are quite a lot of travel hacks how to get around in the Netherlands on the cheap.

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Sustainable mobility; the case of electric trucking

Date: October 8
Author: Martijn te Veldhuis

To achieve the sustainability goals of the Paris agreement, the transportation sector has to find alternative, zero-emission fuels which are able to replace fossil fuels. The transportation sector is one of the only sectors which have shown an increase in CO2 emissions since 1990.  In a national climate agreement, the transportation sector is committed to reducing total CO2 emissions by 25% in 2030, a decrease of 7,3 megaton. The transportation sector is currently responsible for approximately 12% of total CO2 emissions in the Netherlands.

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The changing videogame industry

Date: October 1
Author: David Kikvidze

A lot of people enjoy a proper videogame now and then, especially students who need a break from the constant cycle of studying and making assignments. What game to play and on which system is decided by your own preference of course. The most used systems nowadays are still hardware driven devices such as a PC, Sony’s Play station, Microsoft’s Xbox or Nintendo’s Wii/Switch. But did you know that the game industry is about to be shaken up by a sleeping giant in the form of a rather groundbreaking innovation? Who else could be behind such a bold move then one of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world and in this era: Google.

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