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Asset | Strategy & Logistics has its own blog. ChannelsOnline is a blog about strategy and logistics. We want to give you insights about strategy and logistics within companies, provide you with interesting topics written from different perspectives, give our opinion about the latest news, outline interviews with student entrepreneurs, and much more!

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Next level marketing: why it’s everybody’s business

Marketing is one of the corner stones for the survival of a business. In the current day and age, many firms do marketing on the basis of intuition, experience and historical marketing data. The primary reason for this is that the necessary information about profitability of marketing activities is not always available or accurate. The goal of a marketing plan is to define which marketing activities are efficient in enabling a structured number of customers and corresponding income. The lack of clear information is the primary cause for reduced marketing efficiency in general. 

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Reverse logistics, hidden impact and upcoming solutions

Date: April 2
Author: Martijn te Veldhuis

E-commerce is rapidly growing, and so is the amount of packages which are returned. According to research by parcel company DPD, almost one out of every ten packages will be returned. The return percentage is most striking in the fashion industry, where over half of the items get returned at ecommerce giant Zalando. However, this might be about to change. Reverse logistics is having a big impact, both from financial and sustainable perspective, slowly feeding the discussion that something has to change.

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Your credibility as an advisor

Date: March 26
Author: Joeri van der Kraan

The first thing you have to keep in mind when you are advising someone is your credibility. People have to believe that you are a good source. But how do you do this? Well there are a lot of factors that influence your credibility as an advisor. For example: your expertise, previous successes, use of words, acquaintance with the one you are advising and even your age are factors that can influence your credibility. So what can you do to boost credibility? 

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