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Asset | Strategy & Logistics has its own blog. ChannelsOnline is a blog about strategy and logistics. We want to give you insights about strategy and logistics within companies, provide you with interesting topics written from different perspectives, give our opinion about the latest news, outline interviews with student entrepreneurs, and much more!

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Opportunities in Sustainability

Date: November 26
Author: Girish Sharma 

Just as we think about long-term sustainability in terms of business models, succession planning and leadership development, our interactions with the natural world are equally vital to long-term success. Are you setting yourself up to last?

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Emotional intelligence: how to improve?

Date: November 19
Author: Anya Ermolaeva 

Have you ever lost control of your emotions or felt misunderstood during the conversation with someone? Do you know the feeling of being influenced by other people’s emotions? Don’t worry if your answer is “yes”, because this article will provide you several hints and tips to avoid such situations. But first, what unites all mentioned above cases?

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Investment watch #1

Date: November 12
Author:  Gijs Herber

In investor watch I discuss how to make Money for starters. The concept is to continuously explore your options in the capital market. I will attempt to explain the mechanisms of the capital market. Moreover, I will also do an empirical risk benefit analysis of each of the discussed topics.

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