Supply Chain Night 2020

On Wednesday evening September 23, the Career Committee of Asset | Strategy & Logistics organizes the Supply Chain Night 2020! During the Supply Chain Night, presentations will be given by various supply chain companies. This is the perfect opportunity to get into contact with these three companies and ask them all the questions you have. The event will start at 19.00 and will end around 21.00! 

During the Supply Chain Night Marijn Meijers (from  Jumbo), Prorail & Swinkels will give you an insight into some interesting cases!

By participating in the Supply Chain Night, you will earn 1 point for the Certificate of Extracurricular Achievements!

Took place on September 23, 19.00h September 23, 21.00h
Registration Deadline
September 23, 23:45h
Participating companies


Business casual

Registration for this event is closed...

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