Supply Chain Night 2018

On Monday evening October 1, the Career Committee of Asset | Strategy & Logistics organizes the Supply Chain Night 2018! During the Supply Chain Night, presentations will be given by and Smurfit Kappa. We will end the evening with some drinks! This is the perfect opportunity to come into contact with these two companies and ask them all the questions you have. Please read further to see the topics of the presentations by our companies.

Supply Chain & Sourcing Tactics for bol.coms Toys department

How does make sure that they won’t disappoint a customer for Sinterklaas or Christmas when sales increase extremely? How do they manage 40.000 different toys articles with a different seasonal pattern? How do they forecast hypes or new articles? What is their collaboration strategy with 120 different suppliers around the world? How to become a employee?

Circular Supply Chain of Smurfit Kappa

What does Smurfit Kappa do? They will discuss the circular supply chain of corrugated packaging with 3 sub-areas: paper supply chain, corrugated supply chain, and customer supply chain. And finally, how to become an employee of Smurfit Kappa and what can their graduate program offer you?

Sign up, and you will hear answers to these and your questions!


Doors open From 18.45h
Company 1 19.00-19.45h
Break 19.45-20.00h
Company 2 20.00-20.45h
Drinks From 20.45h


Language of event Dutch
Selection procedure First come, first served
Number of participants 55
Participation fee FREE


Took place on October 01, 18.45h October 01, 21.45h
Tilburg University Cz109
Participating companies


This event is organized by our Career Committee

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