Scrum/Agile Training

On February 3rd, Accenture will give you the basics of Agile and Scrum by building a city with LEGO! This training is an interactive Scrum simulation that provides you with an understanding of Agile and will highlight the importance of collaboration in Scrum.
This training will allow you to experience Agile into reality with the experienced Agile practitioners from Accenture, who have more than a theoretical understanding of building Agile enterprises!
In this training, the following topics are covered:
- Differences between Waterfall and Agile.
- Scrum roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Team.
- Backlog
- Learn how to deal with impediments
Took place on February 03, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
January 30, 23:59h
Az210, Tilburg University
Participating companies

Dress code

Business casual

Registration for this event is closed...

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