The Legendary 5th Lustrum Week!

Dear Asset Strategy and Logistics members, fans, alumnis,

This academic year we celebrate our fifth Lustrum! We want to celebrate this with everyone, so the Lustrum Committee has organized a week with different activities that you can join.
It is possible to join all activities by buying a 'passe-partout' for the week. You can also subscribe separately for each activity. As you all have seen in the announcement video these are the activities:

Passe-Partout: You can join all the activities that you want this all for 125 euros!!
Reception (March 8, free)
Casino night + Whisky/gin tasting (March 9, 20 euros)
Schrobbeler tour (March 10, 7.50 euros)
Lustrum Cantus (March 11, 20 euros)
Lustrum Gala + Dinner + Overnight stay (March 13, 100 euros for members)
Possibility to bring your partner to the gala (For passe-partout holder 75 euros, non passe-partout holder 100 euros)

Next to this, the Lustrum Committee is busy with the Almanak for this Lustrum. The most awesome pictures and stories of the last five years will be in the Almanak so order them now! The Almanak will be handed over after Lustrum Week.

All the activities and prices are subjects to change due to COVID-19. But these will be the activities and prices if everything can go on! You don't have to pay them now, but please subscribe now if you want to attend the activities,first come first served!!


March 08 March 14


All the activities and prices are subjects to change due to COVID-19!

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