Entrepreneurship Event

Interested in the possibilities of starting your own company but don’t know where to start? That’s something we’ve heard before. We want to refute the common prejudice that starting your own company is hard. However, All you really need is a good idea. By means of an inspiring speakers’ debate and interesting Business Game in which you will explore entrepreneurship yourself, we will make you realize that entrepreneurship is easier than you think!

During the Entrepreneurship Challenge, you will be working on a business case. During the Entrepreneurship Challenge you will experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur and you will get useful tips on how to become a sucessful entrepreneur yourself. We have 5 cases to choose from, and we urge you to provide us with your top 3, so we can take your preferences into account. You can choose out of the following 5 cases to work on.

February 27, 12.30h
Tilburg University


This event is organized by our Entrepreneurship Event committee

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