Presentation Training – Ralf van Lieshout

Note that the presentation training will be given in Dutch

How many times have you watched a presentation where after 5 minutes you were completely lost or disengaged? How much did you really remember of all those stories you heard last week? And do you also get so mad about the endless PowerPoint presentations that are poured out over you?

What are we doing to each other?!!!

Ralf van Lieshout is a communication strategist with a passion for presenting. From that passion he was elected Best Speaker of Brabant in 2019. In these 2 hours you will get a crash course in the basic techniques of Public Speaking (or speaking in public). Including tips on how to use PowerPoint as little as possible - and if you must - how to use PowerPoint smarter.

You will be teached how your audience - whether it will be 2 or 200 people - not only remembers your message, but also acts on it! How to hold their attention in such a way that it seems to your audience that time is flying. And how to make sure your audience actually believes what you say even before you start talking!

Tip: take along a presentation you have given or are planning to give. So that you can immediately apply the techniques to yourself! Next to that, you can earn 1 point for your Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence by attending this event

Took place on March 21, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
March 21, 18:00h
Cube 218
Participating companies
Greenhouse Group
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