Study Trip

Each year Asset | Strategy & Logistics organizes a study trip in the beginning of May to an European destination. In the past, study trips have gone to Athens, Barcelona, Dublin, Madrid, Copenhagen, Warsaw & Krakow,  Lisbon & Porto, Riga & Vilnius, Budapest, Prague and Istanbul. The goal of the study trip is to let students get acquainted with the economical situation of a certain country. Usually different institutions like the Dutch Embassy, the local university and some companies are visited during this Trip. Next to several company visits, we will also have some cultural activities and explore foreign nightlife. 

As a committee, you get to decide upon everything: from the destination and the companies, up to the restaurants in which you are going to eat.

Willem van den Broek
Kira van Osch
Christina Föll
External Affairs Officer
External Affairs Officer
Promotion Officer
Boris van der Voorn
Total members
Hours per week
2 - 3
Formal, Informal

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