Strategy Dinner

The ultimate way to meet your future employer is during the Strategy Dinner. The event hosts several companies and students who will have dinner together. In a luxurious restaurant in Tilburg a three course dinner will be served. Students will switch places after each dish and in this way meet three different companies. Students that sign up for the event send their CV, which will be shown to the companies. The companies will then decide who will be invited to the dinner. The committee is of course responsible for finding companies (in collaboration with the external affairs officer), a restaurant and managing the registrations.

Philip Goijen
Meike Groenen
External Affairs Officer
Lieke de Jong
Treasurer/Promotion Officer
Mike van Gelderen
Jamila Kaba
Operations Officer/Vice-Chairman
Freek Prinsen
Total members
Hours per week
2 - 3

If you would like to receive more information about this committee, please contact Ron van Leeuwen ( or by phone: 06-25210348. We will contact you about the possibilities to join this committee!

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