Consultancy Days

On November 1, 2 and 3, 2022, the Consultancy Days will take place. During this event the students of Tilburg University have the opportunity to meet various Consultancy firms and to learn what consultancy is all about. Furthermore, the event is the perfect opportunity for you to get in touch with these consultancy firms. The days are filled with company presentations, cases, individual conversations and business lunches, where students will be selected by companies based on their CV. The days end with an informal drink to get to know the participating companies even better.

As one of the members of the Consultancy Days committee you get the chance to get in contact with recruiters and other employees from several leading consultancy firms. Together with your committee you are responsible for arranging participating companies, the location, promotion, registrations, and much more. Being a part of this committee will boost your CV and makes it possible to develop yourself!

The Consultancy days are organized in collaboration with Asset | International Business and Management. Therefore, this committee consists partially of Asset | Strategy & Logistics members and partially of Asset | International Business & Management members.

Important to note is that before the summer the workload of this committee is approximately 2-3 hours a week. However, after the summer holiday it will get busier and this will increase until 5-8 hours a week just before the event.

Tim van der Linden
Teun Geurts
Maurits Broeders
Dominique Oerlemans
Jules Strijtveen
External Affairs Officer
Sebastiaan de Jong
External Affairs Officer
Lara Eskens
External Affairs Officer
Niels Meeder
Promotion Affairs Officer
Miranda Manschot
Operations Officer
Sabine Moerings
Coordinator Board S&L
Nicole van den Bos
Coordinator Board IB&M
Total members
Hours per week

If you would like to receive more information about this committee, please contact Lotte de Roos ([email protected]) or by phone: 06-33310294. We will contact you about the possibilities to join this committee!

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