Study association Asset | Strategy & Logistics offers several possibilities to make your company known to students. We also provide several activities to promote your company to our members.

We are always looking for new companies and organizations to cooperate with. Partnerships allow us to show students a broad range of possible future employers. When you, as a company, are interested in TiSEM students in the fields of Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management or students Business Administration with an interest in these fields, please contact our External Affairs Officer Boris van der Voorn via email at or via phone on 013 466 3365.

Target group
The main target groups of Asset | Strategy & Logistics are (pre-)Master students Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management. We also serve students Business Administration that are interested in the fields of strategy and/or logistics. Since we focus on students that are about to start their career and are looking for internships and jobs, this is the moment for companies to draw the attention from our students.

Collaboration possibilities

To link business and students, we organize several activities together with companies. Below you find an overview plus a short description of all of these activities.

Supply Chain Days
Our Supply Chain Days have got the goal of introducing students to a certain subject in the field of logistics. The day will start with a CV-selected brunch where companies can talk to the students of their interests. Thereafter there will be two case rounds, where the students try to solve the case of a company. The day will end with a drink where students and companies have the last chance to talk with each other.

Consultancy Days
Together with Asset | International Business & Management the Consultancy Days are organized yearly. The goal of the day is to introduce students to the working field of consultants. On the days several consultancy companies will come to introduce a case to the students. Together they will will solve the case. Afterwards there is a drink. 

Entrepreneurship Event      
This new event will be launched together with Asset | SBIT. The main goal of this event is to show the ease of entrepreneurship and starting an own business. The task of this committee is to invite interesting speakers and innovative/creative companies. During the event, the participants attend a lecture about entrepreneurship. Afterwards, they will take a closer look to all the different aspects of entrepreneurship to get a clear overview of what entrepreneurship contains.

Study Trip
Every year Asset | Strategy & Logistics organizes a study trip to a destination in Europe. It has the goal of getting students in touch with strategic and logistic matters in an international context. Therefore, during the trip several companies will be visited. Next to the company visits the students will also experience the culture of the country.

Supply Chain Battle
The goal of this day is to connect students and companies in a more competitive way, namely by a Supply Chain Game. As this day is more competitive, there will also be a price at the end of the day for the winning groups. This price can be a dinner or lunch with the company, an In-house Day, or something more tangible.  

Asset In-house Days
Yearly, all Asset associations organize the Asset In-house Days. During a cycle of a month several in-house days are arranged with all sorts of companies in the field of economics and/or management.

Business Café
Business Café will be organized in an informal setting in a café in Tilburg. The objective of a Business Café is to give students a clear idea of business practice. This can be done with the presentation that will be given at the beginning of the evening. Afterwards you have the opportunity to talk with the attending students. It also offers companies the opportunity to get students in touch with their business and the atmosphere of the business.  

Promotion possibilities

Asset | Strategy & Logistics offers companies several possibilities to reach her members to communicate activities, increase brand awareness, draw attention to internships, etc.

Advertising on our website
A website package contains the following possibilities: a logo of your company with the possibility to add a link to your own website, a profile of your company, the opportunity to promote activities through the “Business Events” and the opportunity to communicate internships/vacancies via the “Career Opportunities Page”. Business events will also be promoted through our social media channels, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Promotion banner on our website 
You can ask special attention for a certain activity via a promotion banner (frontpage) on our website

Direct mailing
You can reach all of our members that are studying at Tilburg University (+/- 1500 students) via a direct mailing. Or you can select a more specific targetgroup. You can communicate your activities, provide information on internships or send an advertisement. It is possible to either send the mailing via e-mail or via post.

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