By being part of the board of study association Asset Strategy & Logistics you will develop yourself, gain relevant work experience, and you will come in contact with interesting companies in the field of your study. Our study association represents both the masters of Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management at Tilburg University. You will be leading teams, solving problems, and learn how to make executive decisions. Furthermore, you will also enjoy student life for another year!

A board year is the perfect combination of formal and informal activities. It is the absolute best preparation for your future career due to the fact that a board year is highly valued on your resume. Want to get that desired traineeship or job? Interested? Send us an email at [email protected] with your CV and motivation letter! 

Why did the current board decide to do a board year?

  • “I signed up for a board year to broaden my horizon and further explore my interests.” – Freek Prinsen
  • “A board year is the perfect opportunity to develop myself and expand my (social) network,” – Ron van Leeuwen
  • “A board year for me is a great opportunity to gain management experience and find out where my interests lie within supply chain management.” – Oliver Schouten
  • “A board year gives me the opportunity to develop myself in a great environment!” – Sophie Bakx
  • “Next year i will be doing a board year to broaden my network and to learn skills that provide a good foundation of my career.” – Ewout Timmer

What functions can do you during a board year?


As a chairman, you’re responsible for all activities within the association. The chairman always has to be informed about the development of projects, how things are developing within the departments and commissions of the association and the atmosphere and culture of the organisation. The chairman is responsible for effective communication between departments and makes sure that everyone feels at ease in his or her function. Moreover, the chairman is the person of contact with the university. The key is to look for an intensive and stable collaboration, where both parties gain added value. The chairman also has a seat in the general Asset Board, in which he/she is representing the opinions and thoughts of the Asset S&L board. Within the general Asset Board, subjects like the organisational structure of Asset, the type of cooperation between Asset and the university and the projects which should be set up or discontinued in the association.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman (VC) coordinates between active members and the promotion of the association. The VC will talk with potential new active members to appoint a commission to them, which best suits their wishes. The VC also keeps contact with the active members and leads the Active Members Meeting. This meeting consist of the chairs of each commission, considering updates on developments of each commission. The VC also has a place in the Public Relations Meeting (PM), in which all VC’s of Asset come together once a week. The PM is responsible for the promotion of Asset. Moreover, the VC takes place in the Bedrijfseconomie (BE)-cluster: you’ll be responsible for promotion and events of Asset amongst first en second-year bedrijfseconomie studenten. The VC replaces the Chairman when absent.


As treasurer, you are responsible for the financials of the association. You are the bookkeeper, but there is no previous experience with bookkeeping required for the function. After every quarter, you meet with previous treasurers to check your profit and loss statement. Moreover, you present the financial results of the association each half year. You collaborate with the treasurers of other Asset associations, to take care of the general bookkeeping of Asset.

External Affairs Officer

As External Affairs Officer (EAO), you are responsible for all contact between Asset S&L and companies, other organisations and partners. You are the salesman of Asset S&L: you have a large impact on the revenues of the association. Despite finding partners for formal activities, you are also responsible for selling mailings and other forms of sponsorship. As EAO, you are meeting weekly with the Faculty-Wide Organ. In these Acquisition Meetings, a honest stake between responsibilities for organising Asset-wide activities are made. Discussions can heat up fairly, this function therefore requires you to stand your ground.


As a secretary, you are responsible for taking meeting minutes, answering mails in the Asset S&L mailbox, coordinating the commissions and making the monthly Asset mail. You have a lot of small tasks which requires you to be precise and organised to perform well within this function. 

Interview with Former board member

What has a year on the board brought you?

General development in a professional atmosphere and maintaining business contact with various stakeholders. Making operational, tactical and strategic decisions that determine the course of an association. It was also a very pleasant year where I got to know a lot of new people.

Why do a board year?

There is nowhere else you can learn more in one year than in a board year. You improve skills that are impossible to learn in school. Together with your fellow board members you jump into the deep end and after a year you are a developed professional with a great experience.

What does your current client think is important about extracurricular activities, such as a board year? Client is employer?

At ASML, extracurricular activities are a prerequisite for starting our Talent Program. The difference between starting WOers is clearly noticeable. With the experience of a committee or board year in your back pocket, you know much better how to act professionally and you can add value for your employer much faster.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I'm more of a go-with-the-flow type, I don't have a defined career plan.  As long as I'm healthy and happy and have fun in my work, it will soon be good for me.

Jip Steenbakkers (25)                                                                                                                                

Study: BSc Bedrijfseconomie + MSc Supply Chain Management

Current job: Product Lifecycle Management coordinator - ASML

Board year: 2016-2017 (External Affairs Officer)



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