Board 2022-2023

Name: Tim van Asten
Function: Chairman
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Myrthe van Slooten
Function: Vice Chairman
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Simone Huitenga 
Function: Treasurer
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Myrne Schapendonk
Function: Secretary & External Affairs Officer
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Luke Broeders
Function: External Affaris Officer
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Joep Boerkamp
Function: E&BI Officer
Contact: [email protected]

From left to right: Joep, Simone, Tim, Myrne, Myrthe, Luke

Interested in a board year?


The board members of Asset | Strategy & Logistics are responsible for running the association together. Every board member has different responsibilities related to his or her function. Aditionally, the board members work hard on improving the services that Asset | Strategy & Logistics offers to its members.

Get to know our board members by reading the pieces below or send us a message some time! 

Tim van asten

My name is Tim van Asten and I am 22 years old. I am currently the Chairman of Asset | Strategy & Logistics and the Administration Coordinator of Asset | Tilburg. I am from Someren, a small town around Eindhoven. At the moment I am still following the Bachelor Business Economics. Next year I want to follow the Master Supply Chain Management. I have been an active member at Asset | Strategy | Logistics only for a year, but have been a member of Asset since the beginning of my studies here.Next to my studies I play a lot of sports in the Sport Centre and on the Sundays, I am an Assistant-Referee for a women's football team in my hometown. During the evenings, you can probably find me in the city centre for a beer!

Myrthe van Slooten

My name is Myrthe van Slooten and I am 23 years old. For the academic year 2022-2023 I am the vice-chairman of Asset | Strategy & Logistics. My tasks within the board are member contact, designing, taking care of the website and coordinate my committees.

I am born in the beautiful Tilburg and I grew up in the village Berkel-Enschot. Before I started at Tilburg University I studied Small Business & Retail Management in Den Bosch. After this I wanted to extend my student life and decided to do the (pre) master Strategic Management. Last summer I graduated, but since I am still not ready for the working life i decided to end my student life with a board year at Asset. In my free time I like to tennis and am i active at hockey association SHOT. 

Simone Huitenga

My name is Simone Huitenga and I am 21 years old. This year I am the Treasurer of Asset | Strategy & Logistics. In 2019 I started my Bachelor in International Business Administration. During my bachelor studies I wanted to develop myself both professionaly and socially and therefore I decided to join the Studytrip Committee of Asset | Strategy & Logistics. I really liked the committee work and the activities Asset | Strategy & Logistics organizes. Because, I am not sure about my master's choice yet, I want to find this out during my board year. After my board year I most likely will start a master in Supply Chain Management or Accountancy.

Myrne Schapendonk

My name is Myrne Schapendonk and this academic year I am the Secretary and External Affairs Officer of Asset | Strategy & Logistics. Currently I am 22 years old and I was born in a very small town in Brabant called Venhorst. Before I started my Master Strategic Management at Tilburg University, I obtained my bachelor International Business and Languages degree in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Last summer I graduated my master Strategic Management, but since I did not know where I wanted to work or even what kind of work I want to do, I made the decision to do a board year after my master. For me it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the student life a little longer while expanding my network and meeting a lot of diverse companies and potential employers.

Luke Broeders

My name is Luke Broeders, 25 years old and this year one of the External Affairs Officers. In 2016 I started the Bachelor Logistics Management at NHTV (now Breda University of Applied Sciences). During my Bachelor I went to an exchange to Lisbon which was one of the best decisions in my life. After my bachelor I wanted to do a master, I followed the premaster in 2020/2021 and started the master Supply Chain Management in fall 2021.  I wanted to get to know more people in Tilburg and I decided to join Asset | Strategy & Logistics. I enjoyed the events and organizing the Studytrip 2022 to Lisbon. I signed up for a board because I wanted to expand my network, to get to know a lot of companies participating in our formal events and to extend my student life.

Joep Boerkamp

My name is Joep Boerkamp, Born in Tilburg and I am 22 years old. For the academic year 2022 – 2023 I am the E&BI Officer of Asset | Strategy & Logistics. As the E&BI Officer, I am responsible for integrating the new Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation study within Asset. I am also in contact with other entrepreneurship associations and the Academic Director of the study.
In 2020 I started following the Bsc Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation. After my first year I joined the Activities Committee of Asset | Strategy & Logistics which I really enjoyed. I applied for a board year to further develop myself. After my board year I want to finish my bachelor and start a master.

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