Board 2021-2022

Name: Erik Ruhof
Function: Chairman
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Lotte de Roos
Function: Vice Chairman
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Evelien Görts
Function: Treasurer
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Sabine Moerings
Function: Secretary & External Affairs Officer
Contact: [email protected]

Name: Gijs Krus
Function: External Affaris Officer
Contact: [email protected]

From left to right: Gijs, Evelien, Lotte, Sabine, Erik

Interested in a board year?


The board members of Asset | Strategy & Logistics are responsible for running the association together. Every board member has different responsibilities related to his or her function. Aditionally, the board members work hard on imroving the services that Asset | Strategy & Logistics offers to its members.

Get to know our board members by reading the pieces below or send us a message some time! 

Erik ruhof

My name is Erik Ruhof and I am 23 years old. Originally, I am from Drunen, a small village close to Tilburg. I have followed the Bachelor International Business Administartion and the Master Supply Chain Management at Tilburg Univeristy. During my studies, I have always been an active member of Asset. At the moment I am the Chairman of Asset | Strategy & Logistics and the Administration Coordinator of Asset | Tilburg. Outside my regular work, I am the coordinator of the Asset Ski Trip and the Vrienden van Asset.

Lotte de roos

My name is Lotte de Roos and I am 21 years old. For the academic year 2021-2022 I am the vice-chairman of Asset | Strategy & Logistics. My tasks within the board are member contact, designing, taking care of the website and coordinate my committees.

I am originally from Deurne, a village in Oost-Brabant where I grew up. After my VWO I started the bachelor Business Economics (Bedrijfseconomie) and moved to Tilburg. But after my second year I switched to Tax Economics (Fiscale Economie). The same year I started as an active member at Asset | S&L in the Activities Committee, so I could get to know people in Tilburg. This might sound as a weird combination, Tax economics and S&L, but I really like the people here. So that's why I took a year off from my study to do a board year for this department. After my bachelor I want to do the master Accountancy and become a Register Accountant. 

Evelien Görts

My name is Evelien Görts, I am 22 years old and I started studying in Tilburg in 2016. I did a bachelor in Industrial Management & Engineering at Avans Hogeschool and studied abroad in Croatia. After that, I still wasn’t done studying and I continued at Tilburg University with a pre-master in Supply Chain Management. To get to know more students, I became an active member of Asset | Strategy & Logistics. To me, it felt like the time was flying past and I was halfway in my MSc Supply Chain Management when I decided to apply for a board year. Right now, I am treasurer and E&BI coordinator and I am still really happy that I applied for a board year. I realize now that I wasn’t ready at all for the job market and a board year gives me the opportunity to get in contact with many supply chain related companies, which helps me a lot in finding out what fits best to me. And last but not least, I am expanding my network a lot in Tilburg and I’m having the time of my life!

Sabine Moerings

My name is Sabine Moerings and I am 24 years old. This year I am the Secretary as well as one of the External Affairs Officers. In 2016 I started the Bachelor in Business Economics at Tilburg University, after which I moved to Tilburg to start the Master in Strategic Management (Consultancy Track). This was also the moment I joined Asset | Strategy & Logistics. The main reason for this was to get to know people with similar interests and to do extracurricular activities. I then also decided to extend the master with a corporate finance internship. Here I already gained some practical work experience. Then I started the Master in Marketing Management, since I wanted to extend my life as a student. However, time flew by and I noticed that because of corona I wasn’t able to enjoy the extra time as a student as much as I wanted to and I also still didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduating. Therefore, I decided to apply for a board year. In this year, I hope to develop myself professionally and to expand my network, to find out what kind of job would fit me best. Next to that, a board year is of course the perfect way to enjoy the student life!

gijs krus

My name is Gijs Krus, 23 years old and this year one of the External Affairs Officers. In 2016 I started with my bachelor Business and Consumer Studies at Wageningen University. After my bachelor I felt like I lacked some practical experience, so I decided to move to Amsterdam to do a marketing related  internship. In the summer of 2020 I moved to Tilburg to do the master Strategic Management (Consultancy Track). Since I was totally new in Tilburg, I wanted to get to know more people and thus decided to join Asset | Strategy & Logistics. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the people at S&L a lot, which triggered me to start thinking about doing a board year. I signed up for a board year because I wanted to expand my network, find out what type of company suits me and extend my student life. 

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